If you have a dependent cat that meows all the time and bothers you about anything then you’ll need some really good interactive toys. These cats need to be entertained or be distracted so you can do your chores and so that they won’t get on your nerves. It can be hard and quite tricky to find the right toy or toys for the job, and that particular toy has to suit your cat’s needs and personality. I have purchased different kinds of toys for my large lazy cats, including a lot of interactive toys to keep them active and so that they won’t meow at me all the time. I don’t really buy much of those “As Seen On TV” products, but here’s one cat toy from them that has become a favorite of my cats.

as seen on tv cats meow toy review


The Cat’s Meow Toy Undercover Mouse Interactive ($19.99) is really a surprising love for me and my cats. It’s one of those toys that they just can’t get enough with. I think the concept of this toy started in Japan, I could be wrong though. It works based on the concept of peek-a-boo, mouse hunt, and pouncing, which are the things that are basic instinct for a cat. Since cats love to do this thing, playing with this toy is an endless fun until they consume their energy. No more screaming demanding cat staring at you in the kitchen or giving you that angry look.


cat's meow toy review


This toy comes in 3 different kinds; the standard one which has only one speed, no remote, and no battery, the V4 RC that comes different speeds with timer, and a remote control, and the V4 RC plus Battery which comes with the remote control, different speeds/timer, and a lithium battery for the toy. I only got the standard one, which is already good enough for my cats. I’ve heard bad things about the V4 ones, with a lot of people claiming that their remotes are basically useless as you would still have to be close to the toy in order to control it. Speaking of batteries, this standard Cat’s Meow Toy runs in three C batteries of any brand, which could last for about 20-30 minutes with constant play. After that, the toy might slow down a bit. Mine didn’t get discharged easily, and I have my cats playing with them for periods of 10 to 15 minutes and then another session later on with still the same battery.

cats meow toy battery c

as seen on tv cats meow toy


The standard version of the toy itself requires a bit of assembly once you take it out of the box. It doesn’t come with free batteries (unless you’re buying the remote + batt) so you’re gonna have to provide your own three C batteries, which are kinda large and heavy. This toy works like a motor that has a switch at the center with a rotating mouse-like wand that moves randomly left or right while being covered or hidden with nylon fabric that sort of acts like a skirt. My cats chase the wand thinking that it’s a little mouse playing hide and seek with them. With time, the wand gets worn out and even the fabric skirt as well, but you can buy replacements for them. For a more interactive play, you can also tape a feather on the wand and the cats will go crazy chasing it.

cats meow toy replacement

The motor is pretty robust and it can work on any surface, but it can be loud, but my cats didn’t seem to mind. It’s true that this toy really tends to eat the batteries fast. I usually keep an extra set of C batteries, just in case. My cats go bonkers with this and they keep playing with this toy whenever they can. This is definitely one of their favorites, and the look on their face whenever they play with this toy is priceless.

cat's meow toy review


Have you tried this for your cats already?


The Cat’s Meow Toy is currently sold out at Amazon, but here’s a similar product, click HERE.


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