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Hi loves! today let’s talk about skin care. As you see, the key to make your makeup standout is to have a clear and healthy skin, but sometimes our face or skin can be exposed to harsh elements that tend to make our skin dull and stressed out. A good solution for this would be to relax and unwind, go to a nice spa because after all, life’s a beach. But nowadays, life can be so hectic that we barely have the time to chill. Thank goodness for some good face masks that you can do at the comfort of your home nowadays. I specially like the Sephora Collection face, eyes, foot, hands and sleeping masks. I usually grab some of them whenever I have the chance to visit that store. They’re so relaxing and so refreshing.

These masks (except for the sleeping mask) are made of natural fibers with different ingredients to target specific skin care benefits or needs. While the sleeping mask is more of a gel moisturizer that you can apply on your face overnight. They are dermatologist tested and I’ve never had any break out ever since I started using these.


  • Sephora Eye Mask. Favorites: lotus, green tea, pearl and rose. Such a refreshing mask for my tired and puffy under eyes with some dark circles. The green tea ones are so good for easing tension and stress around the eyes.
  • Sephora Face Mask. Favorites: green tea, pearl, orchid and rose. Never knew that the secret to a clean and refreshed face is a nothing but a serial killer face mask, LOL. Well, the mask itself is not scary, but once I applied it on my face, I got so scared at my own reflection. I thought I transformed into someone like Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees! While this face mask is not for the faint of heart, joke!, the feeling of having this one on your face is like being in a spa somewhere in the Pacific, haha! also, this could double as your halloween costume. Just saying…:-)


sephora face mask review


  • Sephora Hand Mask: Favorites: argan and avocado. This is basically a pair of coated gloves with extra moisturizing and nourishing effect to condition dry and tired hands. You just have to keep wearing the gloves for 15 minutes and voila! For me, these hand masks helped a lot because I tend to have dry hands, so I use this in conjunction with my favorite hand lotion.
  • Sephora Foot Mask: Favorites: lavender and almond. A pair of plastic disposable sock masks that resembles a shoe wrap infused with some hydrating and repairing extracts that alleviates dry and sore feet. Wear it for 20 minutes and notice your feet feeling extremely moisturized and soft. It’s so good for someone who suffers from cracked heels.
  • Sephora Sleeping Mask. Favorites: pearl, lotus, pomegranate. The only non-fiber or non-cloth mask that resembles like your usual gel-textured moisturizers. You’re supposed to apply it on your face before going to sleep and leave it overnight. For me, it’s not that different from my usual bedtime moisturizer, so I don’t use this often. Sometimes I’d put it in the refrigerator for that extra cooling effect during application. But overall, I only noticed a touch of softness on my skin the following day. So I suggest using this only from time to time.


sephora mask review


I’m pretty sure some of you may have tried these already. For me, I really like the eye masks, face masks, and foot masks the most. Which ones suit your fancy?


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