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UBeauty Review

Happy sweater weather, everyone. It is that time of the season when we need to add extra protection to our skin. The Fall and Winter seasons can make our skin dry. We all know that dry skin can be challenging to deal with. The more you let your skin dry, the more it becomes prone to other issues, such as cracking, itching, and even unnecessary breakouts or infections due to broken skin integrity.


I have slowly incorporated Ubeauty’s products into my routine for a few months. I had to give the products some time to take effect on my skin before I could say that the products genuinely worked. And work; they did.

Please read below to see which Ubeauty products did wonders for my skin. The following are the top three products I recommend you try from the brand as starters.


ubeauty resurfacing compound review


Resurfacing Compound

This is the serum that wowed many magazine editorials, review posts, fashionistas, beauty enthusiasts like moi, and all trailblazing influencers. There is a lot to love in this golden serum. This is supercharged with antioxidants, vitamins C and E, retinol, and multi-hydroxy acids. Powerful, right? This product obliterated the need to grab different skincare products to address various issues. You get your vitamins, acids, retinol, and other skincare jujus in this serum. This product aims to give you brightened skin, diminish large pores, and even out skintone while leaving it revitalized and youthful, giving you that lit-from-within lewk.


ubeauty resurfacing compound review


For me, this is one of the best serums I have ever tried. I am impressed with the result and how it feels on my skin. This product feels like a vitamin C serum, but it works like a combination of all the good serums I have applied to my skin. My skin feels softer, skintone looks more even and brighter. To use this, apply 2-3 pumps on the skin after washing, followed by your favorite moisturizer or the Ubeauty Super Hydrator. Depending on your skin’s tolerance, you can use it once or twice daily.


ubeauty the super hydrator review


The Super Hydrator

I was not expecting a lot when I first tried this moisturizer. But there are just some things in life that you will never know until you try. It is similar to the thought process of not judging someone before you actually know someone. You know what they say? Many people got burned by jumping to conclusions. This moisturizer is no different. That is because, unlike any other moisturizer, this makes your skin glow. There is something about this moisturizer that gives you that glassy skin look, apart from hydrating your skin for up to 48 hours and beyond. Sometimes, I use this as a standalone moisturizer and foundation, which works like a charm. This product has hyaluronic acid, purified oat extract, shea butter, argan oil, avocado oil, grapeseed oil, and peptides. The level of hydration this gives is fantastic. This product truly moisturizes, reduces wrinkles, and restores and protects dehydrated, dry skin from within.


ubeauty the super hydrator


I love the moisturizer a lot because of its powerful formulation and dewy skin effect. You can use this once or twice daily if necessary or after using the Ubeauty resurfacing compound.


ubeauty the barrier bioactive treatment review


The Barrier Bioactive Treatment

If you need further moisturization or want your skin to feel baby-soft again. Here is a once or twice-weekly mask inspired by the immortal jellyfish (per Ubeauty). As I captioned in the Gram, this mask makes your skin so soft after just one use. That is because this mask is highly concentrated with bioactive marine ingredients, urea, vitamin B6, sodium DNA, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, purified oat extract, fruit hydroxy acids, jojoba wax, sunflower wax, and mimosa wax. Using this overnight, the skin becomes well-moisturized, nourished, and supple. The mask renews the skin, softens rough patches, and soothes sensitive areas.


ubeauty the barrier bioactive treatment


You can use this mask twice or thrice a week as part of the last step in your skincare routine.


Ubeauty Tina Craig


This Fall, you are going to fall in love with Ubeauty’s beautiful products. Each product does wonders for the skin, eliminating the need to reach out for different skincare products to address various concerns and save you time, energy, and money. Do the skincare girl math; you will know what I am talking about. Ubeauty, bring out the true beauty in “you”.





The Inkey List Review

the inkey list salicylic acid cleanser review


Hey-lo! I’ve always wanted to do this review because I’m sure you’re wondering what I think about The Inkey List brand. You’re probably curious if I’m a big fan of single-ingredient skincare products, or do I prefer the multitasking ones? My answer is “it depends”. When there’s a specific skincare concern that I want to address, I like to use a single-ingredient product. But when I’m crazy busy, I like to use some skincare multitaskers.


The Inkey List is a brand I’ve been using to supplement my skincare needs for more than a year. They have several exciting products that mostly contain a single ingredient targeted to a specific skincare concern or to simply enhance the skin. I haven’t tried all of them yet, but I certainly have tried a couple of them already. Here are my thoughts.


the inkey list kaolin clay mask review


Brighten-i Eye Cream – I like this eye cream for the price, but after going through the whole tube, I didn’t really find any dramatic effect on my undereyes. I also did not notice any depuffing effect from this. However, this product did not exacerbate my sleepless undereye circles. So, this is still a good deal.


Bakuchiol – Truly a great alternative to Retinol, but may not be as effective. This product does a good job of refining my skin’s texture without the irritation that Retinol gives. However, this does not provide the same glowy effect that Retinol does. I do like that this does not have any strong scent and is way safer to use than Retinol. I also recommend the one from Alpyn Beauty Melt Moisturizer, which also contains Bakuchiol and a good alternative to Retinol.


the inkey list bakuchiol review


Alpha Arbutin – I don’t use this much, but many folks swear by this product. Alpha Arbutin can reduce the appearance of dark spots and hyper-pigmentation. While I haven’t had any of these issues lately since I mostly stay indoor, what I do notice is that my skin feels so smooth after using this. I should investigate this further and see how this compares to Bakuchiol. Also, this product does not have any strong scent, which is excellent.


Salicylic Acid Cleanser – I’m not sure if you noticed, but it’s quite a challenge to look for an excellent salicylic acid cleanser nowadays. The drugstore ones do not really work for me, and my face ends up being oily after a few hours. This Inkey List salicylic acid cleanser is one of the few that I found that really mattifies my face.


the inkey list collagen booster review


Kaolin Clay – Wondering what’s a good clay face mask for oily skin? Kaolin clay, yes. This mask is on the milder side, which means that the texture is way smoother than most clay face masks out there. I like this product because this does not irritate my skin, and this does not feel too stripping. However, I wouldn’t recommend this as a weekly or biweekly exfoliating mask because this feels more like an everyday face mask.


Collagen Booster – Think of this product as a framework that will keep the facial skin together, like some kind of scaffolding, lol. Collagen peptides are good for maintaining skin elasticity, but our skin tends to lose it as we age (quoting Healthline on this) or if we are under stress (oxidative stress). Therefore, it’s very important that we replenish the collagen loss to avoid skin sagging. So, if ever you find yourself feeling like you’re losing collagen from learning how to write grants 😀 (wink wink), you gotta use this.


the inkey list alpha arbutin review


Overall, I love this brand, especially the price. I don’t think you can find several other brands like this that don’t skip on ingredients’ potency while making the price affordable for everyone. I can only think of “The Ordinary”, which is also a great skincare brand when it comes to quality and affordability. I will be reviewing that brand soon. So, stay tuned.


What do you think of The Inkey List? Yay or Nay?






New Glossier Haul

Glossier Skincare favorites


Happy New Year friends! What a terrible previous year we had. I’m hoping and wishing for better days ahead as we start this promising new year. Speaking of new year, here are my new Glossier skincare haul.


Balm Dotcom – This might be my most favorite product from Glossier ever, and that is because I’m able to use the balm for different purposes. Be it as a lip balm, a sheer lip color, or as a skin salve. Each of the balm has different scents/flavors and each are so fun to use. You’ll never get bored using them.


Glossier Balm Dotcom Mango


BerrySheer berry tint. The strong berry scent of this is yummy and irresistible.


Wild FigDeep coral tint. This is the latest addition in Glossier’s Balm Dotcoms and it’s really good. Much like the Berry one, this is also irresistibly sweet in scent.


MangoSheer rose tint. A repeat purchase for me. The fresh sweet mango scent of this awakens you right after twisting the cap and it’s so good. Words cannot describe how amazing this is.


Glossier Balm Dotcom Wild Fig review


Exfoliating Skin Perfector – Exfoliating toners are trending in the skincare world nowadays and there’s a reason why – they really help to reduce blackheads and they give you a nice glow. I have my favorites in exfoliating toners for sure and will be talking about them here in the blog soon. One of my faves is actually this Glossier Skin Perfector, which is not only convenient to use, it also works well at purifying the pores and getting rid of dead skin cells. This product has powerful Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA), Beta Hydroxy Acid (BHA), and Polyhydroxy Acid (PHA), as well as Salicylic Acid. I really love this a lot and I can use this everyday (once a day) without any issues.


Glossier Exfoliating Skin Perfector review


Zit Stick – At first glance, this blemish eraser stick spells convenience to me. However, it may not be as practical to use as you may think. Yes, it’s a twist-to-release type of product, pretty much like using a pen applicator, yet it’s not really as easy as it looks. For a while, I thought I got a broken product or the packaging just simply doesn’t work. But as it turns out, it’s going to take some serious twisting and churning at the other end of the packaging, in order to see some products coming out. For me, it works as it is expected because it has 5% Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid to combat any raging pimples.


Glossier Zit Stick review


Bottom line, I love Glossier skincare products and I love that they try to be on trend and innovative with their stuff. I definitely recommend that you try the products above if you haven’t already. I will be removing more Glossier products soon.


Happy New Year! Wishing for the best this 2021!