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Too Faced Peach Puff Long-Wearing Diffused Matte Lip Color

Too Faced Peach Puff


Hi guys! The Sephora Summer Bonus Event for VIB and Rouge Members is still ongoing, but it’s only until tomorrow August 27th. (Use code SUMMERSAVE instore and online to get 20% OFF for Rouge Members, and 15 % OFF for VIB). Tbh, I haven’t bought much for this sale, but I will be sharing with you the few items I did purchase soon here on the blog. If you’re shopping the current Sephora sale, I do have a new lip product to recommend to you in this post. It’s funny because I didn’t really like this particular lip color at first, but I gave it a second chance and I am now totally in love with it.


The Too Faced Peach Puff Long-Wearing Matte Lip Color (0.07 oz: 19 USD) is the lip color that almost got away. Simply because it felt really drying upon my initial swatch at Sephora. I thought it seemed kind of a fad and it didn’t seem to be very pigmented at all. However, looking back, I think I just didn’t know how to properly use the product at first, and I think I got a very used-up tester when I tried it.


Too Faced Peach Puff Long-Wearing Diffused Matte Lip Color review


During my last stroll at Sephora, I wanted to give this particular lip color a second chance especially after trying the Nyx Powder Puff Lippie Lip Cream which I reviewed recently HERE. I really wanted to compare this latest Too Faced lip release to the affordable and totally high-quality Nyx Powder Puff. I was still a bit hesitant when I bought three of the Too Faced Peach Puff (I must say that several of the shades seem nice) but I had a really good time swatching them on my arm the second time around so my hesitation definitely almost went away.


The Too Faced Peach Puff Diffused Matte Lip Color is a twist-release pen-type lip color with a smooth puffy applicator. It’s reminiscent of Too Faced’s Melted liquid lipsticks. There is a scent to this lip product, which is a strong peachy scent. It’s very easy to apply on the lips and quite accurate too. The puff feels very plush and the formula feels very cushiony. At first application, it feels very creamy and it sets into a diffused matte look. Also, you can apply this lightly for a more natural look or you can opt for more product and more pigments on the lips.


Each shade is so pigmented that they stain on my arm. It actually took me a while to remove them and still had a stain on my skin the next day. The formula feels very lightweight, super comfortable, and it doesn’t feather or bleed. When comparing to Nyx Powder Puff Lip Cream, this Too Faced Peach Puff feels more mattifying and it sets into a matte formula quite easily than Nyx’s.


Too Faced Peach Puff swatch


Day Drinking– soft rose mauve. The mauve tone looks very natural on me because of my lips’ natural mauve pigment.


Boy Bye – looks like a soft vintage coral rose


Velvet Rope – soft Bordeaux, a true wine-red


Too Faced Peach Puff lip swatch


In summary, I like this latest Too Faced Peach Puff lip color a lot and I’m glad that I took a second look at it. I highly recommend it especially if you’re into comfortable non-drying matte lip shades. If you don’t mind the strong peachy scent, you will definitely love this one, but if you prefer the non-scented one, then the Nyx Powder Puff might be your thing, and it’s also cheaper. For the high-end one, the Chanel Rouge Allure Liquid Powder (swatched HERE) is also a very very good option for a soft matte blurred look.


Too Faced Peach Puff swatch


The Too Faced Peach Puff Diffused Matte Lip Color is currently available at Sephora


Have you tried this already? What’s your favorite matte lipstick/lip color?





Chanel Rouge Allure Liquid Powder Review

chanel rouge allure liquid powder review and swatches


Hello. As promised, I finally tried one of Chanel’s latest lip releases this Fall – the Chanel Rouge Allure Liquid Powder ($30). This unique, squeezable, and powder-like liquid lipstick has a creamy feel upon application and it sets into a soft blurred matte finish. It has a sponge applicator for easy application (kinda like Too Faced’s Melted line of lip products) and it has a very faint floral scent.


chanel rouge allure liquid powder review


This liquid powder lip color glides effortlessly on the lips and it has a creamy cushiony yet powdery feel. It then sets into a blotted/soft-focus matte that stays on the lips very well without smudging. The pigment is impressive and almost all of the six shades are so pretty. The darkest shade (Avant-Gardiste) lasts six hours on me even after having a meal, and one of the lightest shades (Évocation) though patchy at first is still long-wearing.


chanel rouge allure liquid powder in évocation and avant-gardiste



This liquid powder is great for creating an ombre lip and even though it is mattifying on the lips, it doesn’t make my lips dry at all and it doesn’t emphasize my lips’ fine lines so much. I do feel like there seems to be a slight difference in the formulation for each color as each seems to apply differently on me. For example, the lighter shades kinda pill a bit on me during application, and are also kinda patchy, though they set well on my lips afterward. The darker shades, however, are impressively staining, not patchy and they don’t pill. The application was seamless and super easy.


chanel rouge allure liquid powder in évocation and avant-gardiste


Évocation – light coral, appears lighter on my pigmented lips


Avant-Gardiste – Deep blue-toned red, appears like a soft blurred vampy shade


chanel liquid powder swatches


I highly recommend this innovative Chanel Rouge Allure Liquid Powder for its pigment, color range, and its soft-matte effect. They feel weightless on the lips and they are long-wearing. If you love the matte texture on your lips but hate the drying feel, then you’ll be happy with this one. For me, this is one of the best liquid lip powders I’ve ever tried so far. Great job Chanel Beauty!


chanel rouge allure liquid powder


The Chanel Rouge Allure Liquid Powder is currently available at Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Harrods, and Macy’s


chanel liquid powder