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Natasha Denona Love Glow Cheek + Mini Zendo Eyeshadow Palette Review + Swatches

natasha denona bloom blush glow palette, love glow palette, mini zendo


Valentines is just a few weeks away. I have a feeling that I’ll decorate my shelves with a ton of pink :-). When it comes to pink stuff, I love looking at my Natasha Denona Blush palettes. I’ve been loving a few of them this year, even though it’s been quite a long time since I’ve worn full-face makeup. I’ve been focusing mostly on eye makeup with a bit of blush, and of course – some lip balms. You can see my latest lip balm picks here.


The Natasha Denona cheek palettes are some of the best I’ve tried so far. They are well-pigmented, and they give that glassy luminous cheek look.


natasha denona love cheek blush palette


Love Glow Cheek Palette – This pretty in pink palette spells Valentine’s day at first sight. The packaging has a glittery snow globe front cover. Upon opening, the entire compact will remind you of the Natasha Denona Bloom Cheek palette that everyone loves, except for the fact that this has different shades. Like the Bloom palette, the two shades at the top are still the creamiest ones, but all four shades – including the glittery ones – feel very creamy compared to other blush palettes. I like this palette a lot, which feels more like an updated and toned-down version of the Bloom palette. However, nothing compares to the original. The shades in this palette tend to pull as medium-cool pink on my skin tone. So, I think this will be great for daily use.


natasha denona love glow cheek swatch


This palette has a mini version containing the bottom two shades.


Bloom Cheek Palette – This palette is still, hands down, my favorite compared to the Love Glow palette. I really like the apricot-ish, glowy, peachy, and dolly-cheek look the shades give. There’s nothing quite like this palette in the market nowadays. The shades may look too red or too pigmented at a glance but fear not because the shades can be used at different intensities. I believe this still gets the upper hand when compared to the Love Palette.


natasha denona love glow palette compare to bloom blush palette


natasha denona bloom blush glow cheek palette swatch review


This palette has a mini version, and it contains the upper left shade only.


natasha denona mini zendo eyeshadow


Mini Zendo Eyeshadow Palette – This small palette can give you two, three, or even more eye makeup look because the shades are so versatile. You can create an earthy, metallic, or a nice eclectic eye makeup look with this and still look otherworldly gorgeous . I like this palette a lot, and it’s the type that you can easily carry anywhere, especially when the situation calls you to be glam in a minute.


natasha denona mini zendo palette swatch


If you’re looking to pamper yourself this coming Valentine’s day, you will most probably love any of these palettes. I highly recommend them, and if you haven’t tried any Natasha Denona products ever, oh well, you really should :-).


natasha denona love palette mini zendo palette review


P.S. If you’re wondering about the Tom Ford candle and would like to know if the scent is really that fabulous, the short answer is yes; it does smell so fabulous to me :-).

*Bag is from Polene Paris in Number Seven – gray textured leather. I like it a lot and will do a sole review of it soon.






Viseart Eyeshadow Collection Review + Swatches

Viseart Eyeshadow Palette


There’s something about Viseart eyeshadows that made me so curious to try. At first, I was really fascinated by their pigments even before having to swatch them on my arm. Whenever I glance at Viseart palettes at Sephora, I’ve always thought that the pigments look very vivid, rich, and totally enticing. On top of that, their packaging looks unique and totally different. It made me wonder how they fare especially when compared to other big-name eyeshadow palettes out there.


With time, I’ve managed to collect a few Viseart Eyeshadow Palettes and here’s what I think about each of them.


Viseart Tryst Eyeshadow Palette eyeshadow


Viseart Tryst Eyeshadow Palette


Tryst Eyeshadow Palette (49 USD) – This palette has 9 shades which contain mostly of 7 metallic shimmery shades that are not too blinding and 2 very wearable matte shades. I would describe this palette as somewhat of an all-season type where you can find shades that are Fall/Winter-ready and also shades that you can rock for Spring and Summer. I do think that most of the shades in this palette are warm-toned and I also think that any complexion can wear them, so overall, I find this palette to be very wearable and the one that I tend to reach out constantly.


Viseart Petite Pro 4 Apricotine eyeshadow


Viseart Petite Pro 4 Apricotine


Petite Pro 4 Apricotine (30 USD) – This tiny and bright 8-shade palette is screaming Spring and Summer with its very gorgeous and very pigmented tones of apricot and melon. Although it’s a little challenging for me to pull off the peachy tones, I still find these shades to be very wearable when applied well. Also, this palette has some very flattering neutral tones that are definitely worth wearing and trying.


Viseart Paris EDIT Eyeshadow Palette eyeshadow


Viseart Paris EDIT Eyeshadow Palette


Paris EDIT Eyeshadow Palette (39 USD) – This is one of those eyeshadow palettes that will make you happy even before actually trying or using it. A palette designed and was released during Valentine’s Day, you can’t help but stare at the beauty of this palette over and over again. This has 12 shades that consist mostly of 4 mattes and 8 shimmers which are all very pigmented and silky. As a Valentine palette, I definitely find the shades to be rose-toned and definitely romantic. The overall size of this palette is not too small and not too big either and it’s wonderful for traveling.


Viseart Petit PRO 1 Eyeshadow Palette eyeshadow


Viseart Petit PRO 1 Eyeshadow Palette eyeshadow


Petit PRO 1 Eyeshadow Palette (30 USD) – This petite palette contains 8 shades and they are mostly neutrals. I feel like this is a starter Viseart palette and the shades are very pigmented and you can create different eye makeup looks even though this fits on the palm of your hand. There are 4 mattes in this palette and there are also 4 shimmers that complement each other.


Viseart Theory Eyeshadow Palette in Theory VII Siren review


Viseart Theory Eyeshadow Palette in Theory VII Siren eyeshadow


Theory Eyeshadow Palette in Theory VII Siren (45 USD) – A Fall-ready eyeshadow palette with 6 microshimmery shades. This palette is one of my faves if not my most favorite from the Viseart Theory Eyeshadow line because of its gorgeous rose and coppery tones. There are only 6 shades in this palette but each pan is large and all the shades are beautiful and are very smooth to apply and blend. You can create a neutral eye look or a rosy warm metallic look with this beautiful bold palette.


Viseart Eyeshadow review


In Summary, the Viseart Eyeshadow Palettes are free of parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, and are cruelty-free and gluten-free. I am very impressed with their quality especially with their pigments that are extremely rich and long-wearing. I love how they curate the shades in each palette and each has consistently good quality and has very very minimal to zero fallouts. Texture-wise and shade-wise, these Viseart eyeshadow palettes don’t need a primer and they stay put for hours on the lid, even if your lid is oily. My lid gets oily for sure but these palettes never creased on me and they never irritated my lid either which is really nice because I tend to be very cautious with eyeshadows since some can give me a terrible allergic reaction. If I have to compare these palettes with some other palettes out there, I would say that these palettes’ quality is definitely the pro-type, high-end, and they have a very similar feel and performance to the Natasha Denona eyeshadows, Charlotte Tilbury’s, and yes even similar to Tom Ford’s. Therefore, I highly recommend these eyeshadows.


Are you a fan of these eyeshadows too? What are your favorite eyeshadow brands?