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Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Mask 6 Pack

FabFitFun Summer 2020 Box Review

Hello There! Time now for another FFF Box review. Check out what’s inside my box this Summer.


Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Mask


Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Mask – This is a repeat for me. Got this from my previous FFF box, way back when I first subscribed. I actually don’t mind receiving this again because this is so helpful at my current state, lol. I love how moisturizing this is and this prevents undereye dryness. I put this on at night and this feels so relaxing.


Riddle Oil Original Roll-On – There isn’t much scent to this oil because this is ideal for layering with your favorite roll-ons or any kind of perfumes. However, if you’re very sensitive to scents, you might like wearing this alone because this is extremely subtle.


Zoรซ Ayla Ice Roller – I’ve always wanted to have this and I’m glad this showed up inside my box this season. This is like the popular jade face roller with a cool shot, and this sure feels coooold. I love putting this inside my mini-fridge, then I massage this on my skin. This helps in tightening the pores and in waking you up due to its cooling effect.


Kate Somervile Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream


MakeupDrop Hybrid Makeup Applicator – I love how this makeup sponge has two sides; one for blending and one for application. It’s easier that way because it saves me time. I don’t have to constantly reach for my brushes when I’m in a hurry to put my foundation. I still love the beautyblender, but this is really useful.


Kate Somervile Goat Milk Moisturizing Cream – This moisturizer is so light and so milky. It’s not your typical thick or whipped hydrators, so my oily-prone skin absorbs this easily without any reaction. I also like that this isn’t greasy, so any skin type can pretty much use this one. Also, the packaging of this is really pretty.


Draper James Straw Bag with Floral Scarf


Isaac Mizrahi Loves xo, Sienna Vase – How cute is this flower vase?! I totally love the design, color, and size of this vase. This can handle real touch flowers and even real flowers that might be a bit heavy especially when added with water.


Draper James Straw Bag with Floral Scarf – This bag is my ultimate bag this Summer. This is so pretty IRL. I love the cute floral scarf in it, and the bag itself is so light and can hold a lot of stuff.


Isaac Mizrahi Loves xo, Sienna Vase


Business & Pleasure Co. Cooler Bag – This lunch bag played a significant role during my move a couple of weeks ago. I’ve used this for both business and for pleasure, lol. In fact, I’m still using this and I’ve stuffed this with makeup and snacks all at the same time. This can hold a lot, even a few bottles of water. Also, this really keeps the food fresh, and my skincare fresh as well :). I also love the cute design of this and the handle is adjustable.


And there goes my FFF Summer box. I think this has been a very fun box. I enjoyed the stuff I received. What’s inside yours? What are the products you’re hoping to receive this Fall?



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FabFitFun Fall 2019 Box

FabFitFun Fall 2019 Box Review


It’s officially Fall, and Happy Fall everyone! even though it’s still really quite warm and sunny here. ๐Ÿ™‚ Let’s start this season with the unboxing of my Fall FabFitFun Box. At first sight, I thought my Autumn box looked smaller than usual, however, the design of it looks very nice and I love the color combo of the box. Upon opening and inspecting the products inside, I felt like there weren’t many products in it. It may just be me because the products that I was able to pick and choose were kind of large in sizes.


Amika 1.25' Strand Perfect Ceramic Styler


The first item that I was able to customize is the Amika 1.25′ Strand Perfect Ceramic Styler (Limited Edition (80 USD). It is the highlight of my box this Fall, not only because it’s large, but also because it’s the priciest. I chose this because I wanted to have a backup of my favorite-but-almost-discontinued GHD Eclipse Styler (still available HERE, but mostly replaced by the GHD Platinum model). Upon inspection and testing, I noticed that this flat iron has adjustable heat settings. Its recommended temperatures by hair type are: fine/thin: below 360ยฐF, medium/wavy: 360ยฐFโ€“380ยฐF, thick/textured: 380ยฐFโ€“450ยฐF. This styler doesn’t have the floating plates as my GHD flat iron, so it’s quite an adjustment to use this on my long hair. It does heat up well and it works to straighten my strands, also, the plates are wide enough to cover a lot of hair. I also love its eye-catching orange shade.


Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes in Juice Cleanse


Kate Spade Lunch Tote (30 USD) – I don’t own a lot of lunch bags, so I chose this cute KS lunch tote and it has an insulated interior which I love because it keeps my food fresh. I love the cute polka dot design of this and this is pretty much easy to carry. It can definitely hold several items inside, and I even use this lunch tote to put my extra makeup and skincare in it, which makes people think I was carrying a lot of food. LOL.


Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes in Juice Cleanse


Harper + Ari Exfoliating Sugar Cubes in Juice Cleanse (16-24USD) – At first, I thought these were some sugar-coated gummy bears, LOL. I was really so close to eating these stuff, but thank goodness I read the label. These are actually exfoliating bath/shower sugar cubes with very delightful guava scent. I really like the concept of this product because it’s unique and totally different. I love how you can use just one cube and it’ll last throughout your whole shower. It does tend to be quite a bit too scratchy at first, but then it exfoliates very well. I would buy these cubes again and again because they’re just so exciting to use and they’re not as messy to apply, unlike the traditional body scrubs.


Aveda Damage Remedy Daily Hair Repair (31 USD) – This hair cream has quinoa protein, macadamia oil, etc. that protects the hair from heat styling. I love the earthy scent of this and it’s very lightweight on the hair. I just apply a small amount of this all over my strands while it’s still damp and it does protect my hair from my stylers. Also, this makes my hair look really vibrant, bouncy, and shiny.


human+kind body souffle


Human + Kind Body Soufflรฉ (19.96 USD) – I love the scent of this apricot oil+shea butter mix body cream. It smells really nice and it lasts the whole day. I could even smell the scent of this on my shirt. I find this to be moisturizing enough, just like most body lotions out there.


Skinvolve Body Boost Gel (45 USD) – I didn’t quite expect the effect of this body gel. It’s meant to be applied prior to any workout and upon initial test, this smells like Icy Hot or Salonpas, lol. When I applied this on, it really felt like those pain-relieving gels/ointments which made me feel so cold that I was shivering like I was having the flu, and, on top of that, the effect lingered for some time. So, I’m not really a fan of this and this is my least fave FFF item this season. Most likely, I will probably give this to my father as one of his arthritis gel, ha! I’m pretty sure he will love this thing.


Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Mask 6 Pack (25 USD) – This gold foil mask contains hyaluronic acid, aloe leaf, and lavender oil which smells really pleasant and super moisturizing on the eye area. I like to leave this on my undereye overnight for maximum hydration. However, this didn’t do well on my eyebags, unfortunately. I actually kind of prefer the previous eye mask that I got from FabFitFun, it’s called Blaq, seen HERE, because that one really brightened my undereye area, and it also reduced the appearance of my eye bags overnight.


Wander Beauty Baggage Claim Gold Eye Mask 6 Pack Review


Baublebar Farah Ear Crawlers (34) – These beautifully-designed ear crawlers look subtle yet eye-catching at the same time. The back metal hook seems a little too malleable though, which I think will probably break sooner or later with a couple more usage. I hope not, because this is really pretty, but anyhow, this is a very beautiful pair of earrings nonetheless.


FabFitFun Fall 2019 Unboxing Review


Overall, I like this season’s box and though I felt like I didn’t get that many items this time, and that I’m getting the same type of product more often (ex. constant body creams), I’m still very happy with the products that I was able to customize and choose, like the Amika Styler and the Kate Spade Lunch box. Also, a few of the items were quite new and unique to me, like those Sugar Cubes which I really enjoyed. So, overall, I still enjoyed this box a lot.



Have you received your Autumn box yet? What are the things you love in it?