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Ever feel like your brows’ arches are not high enough? like you wanted it to reach the top of the Chrysler Building? Well yes of course, high arches means accentuating the eyes, looking more awake and having that overall appearance of a more lifted look. What better way to get lifted (hello CL) than to try Benefit Cosmetics’ High Brow pencils. I know they’ve released these products before, but now, with Benefit’s array of brow makeups, I’ve heard that these pencils’ formulations have been newly-improved. I’ve never tried the previous ones, but a lot of people are saying that these are a lot creamier and a lot easier to blend.

What’s really awesome about these eyebrow highlighting pencils are the following; First, they’re so convenient and easy to use. Depending on your application, you may or may not need to use a brush, a little dab on the pinky finger might as well work. Second, they’re really creamy and easy to blend. Third, they’re long lasting and they come in 2 different shades. Fourth, they give a major lift on your arches like Cruella Deville, LOL, not that exagg, ok.



benefit high brow highlight & lift pencil


  • Natural Matte: Creamy Linen-Pink. This is meant for creating a natural look while subtly looking lifted at the same time. The shade is a matte-pink but it blends quite well to a universally flattering hue, even for my now light-medium skin tone. This is my favorite among the two shades of Benefit High Brows because it makes your eyes pop while looking very very natural at the same time.



benefit high brow glow luminous highlight and lift pencil


  • Luminous: Champagne-Pink. This shade is also very very creamy but has an added shimmer to its champagne-pink tone. It’s great if you want a dramatic lift. However, for some reason, it didn’t show much on my skin tone. I guess if your skin is very light, then this would be great for you. On my skin, this still looks very natural, so perhaps a little more shimmer should have been added for it to be really universally flattering.



benefit high brow swatches in natural and luminous


I’m still a fan of using some shades from my eyeshadow palette to highlight the arches of my brows, it’s just a natural instinct for many of us. But when I’m in a hurry, or if I just need a little touch up to define my brows, these Benefit High Brows can come in handy. Specially when no eyeshadow brush is around.


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