how to care for cats


Hey cat lovers! In this post, I’m sharing with you some cat care essentials that I like to use for my kittycats. As what you might have read in today’s pandemic world, felines are prone to acquiring the vid. So, I take good precautions regarding my cats’ health. The following cat care essentials I’m going to list below are part of my daily and/or weekly cat grooming routine. Without further ado, check out how I care for my cats, as demonstrated by my kitties: Bibi & Dodo.


First of all, I like to check my cats’ temperature. I use the baby rectal thermometer from Vicks (linked below). I like using it because it’s really tiny and gentle on cats. If you’re not sure or not familiar with using rectal thermometers, I suggest you consult your vet or a health care provider. The normal cat temperature is between 100.5ยฐF and 102.5ยฐF or 38.1ยฐC to 39.2ยฐC. I usually check my cats’ temp monthly or whenever I notice that they’re not feeling well.


virbac cet enzymatic pet toothbrush


From there, I go from head to toe, or whichever my cats want first.



miracle care kwik stop styptic powder


I usually start by checking their ears. I like moistening a soft cotton pad (check out my top picks in cotton pads here) with the Virbac Epi-Otic Ear Cleanser and clean the outer part of my cats’ ears. I also soak a few cotton tips to reach around the ridges of the ears, but I don’t push or go all the way down since that would not be safe.


how to check cat ears


Next, I use a small otoscope to visually their inner ear. I don’t push it all the way, just enough to see if there might be any presence of ear mites. These mites usually resemble a coffee ground texture in the ear. FYI: Examining a cat’s ear is the opposite of examining a human ear; where you pull up and back. With a cat’s ear, you pull slightly down and forward.


I then proceed to check my cats’ eyes. I look for discharges and retinal scratches. If there’s nothing wrong, I don’t put anything on them. If there’s a slight irritation around the corner of the eye, I usually clean it with a presoaked eye wash pad (linked below) and put a drop of Vetericyn Eye Wash which is a very mild antimicrobial eye wash for slightly irritated eyes. If your kitty has swollen or very irritated eyes, and seem more serious than a light scratch, or tearing a lot, you have to consult your veterinarian.


After checking the eyes, I check my cats’ teeth. Brushing a cat’s teeth is always a challenge. It’s always a good idea to start brushing their teeth while they’re young, so, the process gets a bit easier with time. My cats still don’t like, but they tolerate it, and I’ve got a whole lotta persistence, lol. Cat brushing is more like dry-brushing, where you use a small toothbrush designed for pets, a flavored toothpaste, and perhaps a bit of water. So, no Colgate or Crest here :-).


cat nail trimmer


After brushing, I proceed to trimming their nails, using a pet nail trimmer. I only trim a tiny bit on the tip, and not go all the way up. In that way, they can still scratch and climb. This is a very challenging activity because this requires sharp attention and precision. Your cats might move while you’re trimming their nails. So, I suggest having a partner to do this, or position yourself behind the cat and stabilize them with your upper body. I prefer a tall table and plenty of light whenever I do this. Usually, this is the part I don’t like the most.


cat grooming mitt


four paws love glove


Lastly, I do the part that my cats like best – brushing! Now, some cats may have a preference as to what kind of brush they like. Some like a scratchy brush, while some like it soft. My cat Bibi likes the Furminator even though he doesn’t really need it because he doesn’t shed a lot. He also likes the LoveGlove which is a silicon glove full of little knobs that catch his fur and simulates as a hand. The Kong Zoom Groom is also his fave, which is a detangler made of silicon. Dodo, on the other hand, likes a kitten slicker brush, even though he’s not exactly a kitten anymore, lol. I use two kitten slicker brush on him to get a good coverage. They also serve as his toys which he likes to bite. This chunky bean has a lot of fur :-).


cat fur detangler


kitten slicker brush


In general, most cats don’t like water, although I have one that thinks he’s a mermaid, lol. From time to time, I like to use a Waterless Cat Bath to refresh my cats’ fur. You just soak a soft cloth or paper towel in it, and let it dry. It usually dries fast and is very gentle on cats. Also, another good product to have is a Styptic Powder, which is a good first-aid product for pets, just in case they get a cut.


miracle care eye wash pads


That comprises my cat care essentials and procedures. If you’re in doubt about doing these procedures, please consult your veterinarian and also read the ASPCA Complete Cat Care Manual. If you have any suggestions or tips on how to care for your pets, DM me or comment below.


Always have fun with your pets!





Disclaimer: No cats were harmed in this post and I wasn’t scratched. Although, there were some attempts, lol ๐Ÿ™‚