Hi There! It’s been quite a while since I’ve done a comparison review, but today, let’s compare and contrast the two best facial brushes in the market nowadays. We all know them, and we probably have both of them, while some would prefer one of them, right?

Clarisonic Versus Foreo. Which is which? For this review, I’m reviewing my two favorite facial brushes from each brand: The Clarisonic Mia 1 and the Foreo Luna Go. Why them? I got my Clarisonic Mia 1 way back when Clarisonic first came in the market during the early days. When it was all on its own, no competition at all. Then came Foreo, and my curiosity sparked! , and I really wanted a facial brush for traveling since my Clarisonic Mia is too bulky and heavy to lug around. So, off I went and bought a Foreo Luna Go, and that’s basically the story of how I acquired my two favorite facial brushes. But one is not like the other, yet both are really popular in the market nowadays and both come in different colors, shapes, sizes and specific functions, depending on your personal preference and skin care needs.





Clarisonic Mia 1:

From the moment I used this brush, something was not quite right. While I love the way it feels on my hand (very ergonomic) and its lovely pastel violet color, I knew then that it just feels quite harsh on my face. It’s definitely the “deep pore” cleansing brush heads that I bought together with the facial brush that gave that rough feeling, but I’ve tried other replacement brush heads from Clarisonic yet I wasn’t really satisfied. It felt like I was “toothbrushing” my face. I didn’t have  that “refreshed and well-cleaned feeling” post wash, but I knew my face was deeply cleaned but it just feels like it was shallowly done. Also, my face felt raw on the surface. However, with time, I learned to like the Clarisonic Mia and have gotten used to the feeling of the way it cleanses. On top of that, if you use it everyday, you may need to charge it every week or two. On the other hand, I really like that I could just easily charge it with its own charger and without any fuss.





Foreo Luna Go:


Then came Foreo. Which is currently making a lot of buzz and is giving Clarisonic a run for its money.  A lot of beauty gurus and skin care enthusiasts are talking about it, and my brain was talking to me about it. But I was like, silicon knobs? like those silicon kitty gloves that I used to deshed my cats? and my brain was like, “Yes! and they work.” And I really wanted something softer than my Clarisonic Mia brush. Well, guess what? I really really like Foreo. I love the deep kneading feeling of the tiny silicon nodes. I could feel it going straight to my pores and unclogging every gunk I had in there. Eeew. Love it. 🙂 Since I picked the Foreo Luna Go in blue shade (meant for oily skin, because I have canola oily skin), I now love the feeling of having a well-cleaned skin during traveling, and it’s so tiny, so I can just pretty much slip it into my vanity case without any issue. I couldn’t say much bad things about this cleanser, except that I wish it came with its own charger (it charges using a USB cable), and not having to charge it with your other electronic device like laptops. But hey, once it’s fully charged, it’ll last for months. However, I noticed that this brush tends to stop/pause whenever I press it too hard on my face, so I have to make sure to only apply enough pressure whenever I use it.


foreo luna go oily skin


Bottomline, I like them both, you can adjust their speeds, lots of types to choose from, but my heart lingers towards Foreo when it comes to that overall “freshly-cleaned feeling” effect. It’s not too hard and not too soft, and it feels really good on the face, like a massage. Also, once charged (about an hour), the Foreo facial brush can last months of usage, but it doesn’t have a designated charger, unlike the Clarisonic Mia, which is easy to charge, and also cheaper in price, but not as travel-friendly as the Foreo (not even the Mia Fit) and you may need to recharge it weekly or biweekly (18 hours long), yet it comes with different replacement brush heads that may come in handy. Take note that you must refrain from using any grainy/scrub-textured facial washes whenever you use the Foreo to avoid damaging its silicon knobs.


So, which one do you prefer? Betcha, whichever you’ll choose, you’ll be fine with any of them.




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