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Hello everyone. This post is all about healing and improving our skin through the benefit of LED light therapy using the Currentbody face mask. If you have noticed, many people that are known to have beautiful glowy skin have an established skincare routine. Part of that routine likely includes regular visits to dermatologist or at least a very good trusted facialist. These skincare professionals almost all use LED light therapy. LED light therapy is proven to be safe and effective in improving the vitality of the skin over time. However, for most of us, regular visits to the derma to avail of the coveted facial LED light therapy is not only pricey but also not quite practical with our hectic schedule. I, for one, needed a practical and less costly solution, long-term.


I have tried some LED light therapy before, even spot-targeting LED lights that promised to control and prevent breakouts. Much to my dismay, I ended up not liking them because first, they took a long time to improve skincare concerns. Second, they just do not have enough LED wavelength that could help with any of my troublesome breakouts, and third, they are just time-consuming to use.


currentbody led light mask


Enter the Currentbody Skin LED Light Therapy (featured on Netflixโ€™s Emily in Paris series). With this LED face mask, I noticed a huge improvement in my overall skintone and skin health. I gave myself enough time to try the mask and see the full benefits. I was blown away by how the mask managed to control and prevent the appearance of my hormonal breakouts. Even the ghost of my previous dark spotsโ€™ past went away ๐Ÿ˜ƒ . Apart from that, I noticed a change in the integrity of my skin, specifically my skinโ€™s texture and elasticity. My skin now feels more firm and less rubbery than before using the mask. I had some reaction to a previous supplement I was taking, where my skin developed redness, dryness, and dullness no matter how much soothing moisturizer I applied. The Currentbody LED mask improved such issue, and my skin looked way more glowy than before using it.


currentbody led facial device


Curious why LED light therapy works? LED light has been known to improve the appearance of the skin by stimulating the skinโ€™s cells to regenerate new cells. Think of it as a kind of regenerative medicine for the face. In a study by Russel et al. (2009), thirty-one patients with facial rhytids (medical term for fine lines and wrinkles) underwent a combination of LED light therapy wavelengths. To which, fifty percent of them had visible skin improvement at twelve weeks, and continuous succeeding improvements of eighty percent upon months of follow-up. The patients were assessed visually through clinical photography and overall satisfaction score.


currentbody LED mask facial device


Schoutsen (2023) explained that LED light therapy stimulates the skin cells called chromophores. The chromophores transform the LED light energy into chemical energy, setting a series of cellular reaction that improves blood circulation, collagen production, and inflammation reduction. Such a continuous cellular process renews the skin, making it look youthful and glowy. That is why LED masks such as the one from Currentbody is great as anti-aging facial device.


currentbody LED mask facial device


The Currentbody LED therapy mask uses two clinical wavelengths (red and near-infrared) to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. It has a patented flexible silicone to make sure that light energy truly gets into all the areas of the face. The mask is safe to use for all skin types and tones. Its maximum usage lasts for 10 minutes, and you can use it five times a week. You must first cleanse and exfoliate your skin before using the device. You can also use Currentbodyโ€™s Skin Hydrogel Face Mask along with the device. In my experience, using the device with the gel mask feels really good and it leaves my skin moisturized afterward.


currentbody hydrogel face mask


currentbody hydrogel face mask


The device comes with its own USB charging cable, a user manual, eye goggles to protect your eyes (if you are sensitive to light), an adjustable velcro strap to wrap the device around your head, and a storage bag. Before using, it is safe practice to first conduct a sensitivity test, to check if you will experience skin burns (which is a rare occurrence).


The Currentbody LED light therapy mask is generally safe to use, pain-free, and will generally not burn the skin. If you are curious about the overall long-term side effects of using LED light therapy on the skin, well, worry not. In a systematic review of Glass (2023), LED light therapy (within established parameters) are indeed safe, and it will not cause any oncologic reactions over time with continued use. Even cancer patients who decide to try LED light therapy for their skin can enjoy the anti-aging device.


currentbody led light therapy mask


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*LED light therapy mask provided by Currentbody skin for review. The opinion herein is solely by the editor.