Rose Deep Hydration Face Mask


Hello there! Are you a big Fresh Beauty fan? I have some Fresh Beauty skincare minis set to review in this post. These are fan-faves and my faves as well. These products can work for dry, oily, normal, or even combination skin, and they’re all sulfate-free, paraben-free, and also phthalate-free. 

This cute set is limited-edition and it’s perfect for trying out some of Fresh Beauty’s cult-favorite products. This set is also great as a gift for your loved one or for any skincare junkie in your life.


Check out what’s inside this set below.


fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Moisturizer


Soy Face Cleanser – This is one of my favorite hydrating face cleansers, especially whenever my skin gets really dry. I love using this in the Winter times, but also whenever the humidity level drops in my room. Guess what? This can remove makeup too and doesn’t feel too stripping on the skin.


Rose Deep Hydration Face Mask – This mask works for both oily and dry skin. For those with dry skin, this mask is definitely so hydrating. For those with oily skin like mine, the rose ingredient in this mask can rehydrate and rebalance the moisture in the skin. Thus, making it less oily in the long run.


fresh beauty skincare review


Kombucha Essence – This toner/essence is packed with wonderful ingredients like Hyaluronic acid, Mandarin Peel Extract, and Fermented Black Tea – which all aid in the anti-aging process. I love anything that says fermented or fermented yeast and my skin seems to work really well with this. I’m hoping to test this in the long run, to see if I will achieve that glow that SK-II gives me. IMO, this is giving me that “Pitera” vibe.


Lotus Youth Preserve Moisturizer – This moisturizer is ideal for those with dry skin, but it’s also going to work for those with oily skin, provided that you don’t put too much. I really like how lightweight and non-sticky this is. In fact, this is one of those “super moisturizing” anti-aging moisturizers that work for my oily skin.


fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Mask


Sugar Lip Treatment Advanced Therapy – If you like Fresh Beauty’s products, you know you’re going to love their yummy lip treatments. They come in different tinted shades and different flavors. This classic one is meant to hydrate dry lips. I love using this at night and as a lipstick primer.


fresh Rose Deep Hydration Face Mask


*Big thanks to Fresh Beauty for providing these minis. All opinions/reviews are mine (the editor).


What are your Fresh faves?