Hi Guys! OMG!!! Be still my heart… This is gonna be a thrilling review. Finally, here’s my take on the Giorgio Armani Beauty Lip Magnet Lipsticks. Oh my, I could die right now, I literally have a defib in my other arm, but not yet, I have to do this review. So anyway, let’s get this thing going.


armani lip magnet review


There isn’t any other lipsticks that’s in demand right now (specially in Sephora) other than the Giorgio Armani Lip Magnets. I mean, there could be others, but these stuff have always been out of stock, restocked, out of stock again, and then back in stock but not with all colors since the start of their release. I swear I wanted to buy them all at the beginning, but I can’t, and the colors I liked were already gone, so I had to wait for them to be available again, not to mention that they’re really pricey for $38 at 0.13 oz.


giorgio armani lip magnet lipsticks


My first impressions with these Giorgio Armani Lip Magnets are; First, they don’t have a distinctive scent, in fact, I couldn’t almost smell anything, if there is, it’s just the very very light almost indistinctive fruity-floral scent, but I could hardly smell it all. I also thought it smelled a bit like an alcohol, but very very faintly to none. Second, the triangular wand applicator is just amazingly study and allows for a precise application, but it’s kinda short. Third, these are matte liquid lipsticks, but their textures and formulations are not like most matte lipsticks. They’re very fluid-like, extremely lightweight, have very good pigments, but it takes a while to dry down to a matte texture.

giorgio armani lip magnet lipsticks

giorgio armani lip magnets





Giorgio armani lip magnet swatches 403 505403 VibratoRich Brick Red. This looks like a very dark blood-like red in the tube, but it’s dries down to a muted cherry red. There’s a lot of reds in this Giorgio Armani Lip Magnet line starting from the 400 shade, but this 403 color being the darkest is the one that suits my pigmented lips with a medium or warm undertone.

505 Second SkinVibrant Rose. A simple and light shade of pinkish coral that’s great as an everyday lip color. This color is not really my lip’s second skin shade as I find this to be a bit brighter than what I’d like it to be. I didn’t notice the rose shade though, but this color is definitely great for a more natural daytime look.



Giorgio armani lip magnet swatches 506 507

506 FusionMedium Pink Mauve. This shade is the 505 shade above but more muted since it has a very slight mauve undertone. Being an NC25 to 30, I think I prefer this shade a lot better than 505 for my everyday lip color.

507 GarconneMauve Berry. A lot of people love this shade, specially the ones whose lips have pigments like moi. Simply because these would look like our pigmented lips but better and with a hint of muted pink-berry tone. As for me, this color is like my second skin.



Giorgio armani lip magnet swatches 600 602

600 Front-RowRich Berry. I wasn’t feeling this shade when I first swatched it on my arm, because it seems a bit too dark or too brown. But I bought it anyway because I’m cray cray, and guess what? I was so surprised by how it looks on my lips. It’s not bad at all. In fact, this mauve and brown-berry shade looks really good on my medium skintone. I would say, this is like the 507 shade but darker and with a bit of brown. L.O.V.E I.T.

602 Night ViperDeep Purple Berry. An extremely pigmented, dark purple and almost-violet-pink shade that is so hard to take off. I’ve already used different waterproof makeup removers to remove this lip magnet, but still, my lips were left with a sort of dark neon-pink shade as a stain. I haven’t seen such pigmented lip color like this particular shade. In fact, the one’s I swatched on my arm took about 2 days and probably a half more to completely fade away. Of all the shades of the Giorgio Armani Lip Magnets reviewed here, this 602 shade is the most pigmented of them all. Hmmm, I may have to soak my lips in waterproof makeup remover for days. Oh no!

giorgio Armani lip magnet lipsticks swatches

In conclusion, I like the lightweight texture of these Giorgio Armani Lip Magnets a lot. Although I wouldn’t mind if these were a bit creamy because these would have helped make the lips look fuller by filling in the lip lines, specially for people with imbalanced lips. But the textures of these Lip Magnets may not allow that because it’s kinda watery thin. Also, some of the color’s textures might be a bit streaky at first application, but applying a second coat will solve the issue. I love the color payoff of these lippies very much, no arguing with that, but they take a while to dry down and it’s not true that once settled on your lips, they won’t budge. They can be easily moved and they definitely don’t last for 8 hours without reapplication. I suggest grabbing the dark colors because they tend to last the longest. Still, these are top of the line high quality matte lipsticks that won’t dry your lips unlike most matte liquid lipsticks nowadays.


giorgio armani lip magnet lipsticks review


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