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Hey guys and gurlz, since this month has been a month of adding additional products or colors to my collection of holy grail beauty products, and Chanel has been adding more shades to their newly-reformulated Chanel Le Vernis, I have also added a few more colors to my stash. The first part of this review can be seen HERE.

The new formulation of the Chanel Le Vernis Nail Polishes have been really amazing for me because of all the nail polishes I’ve tried lately, these new Chanel Le Vernis seem to last the longest on me. Around 2 weeks and a bit more. They have minimal chipping and the colors stay rich, especially if you use the Le Gel Top Coat (reviewed HERE) that is recommended with it.

I really like red nail polishes or vampy nail colors. There’s something just something about them that makes my hands/fingers look gorge. I guess because they make such a huge contrast against my medium skin tone, so each dark colors really pop out. 

I purchased the Rouge Essentiel, Rouge Puissant first because I had my eyes on them from the moment I saw them online. Then I added Pirate and Rouge Noir because I have always been a fan of these two from the previous formulation, and I wanted to still have them in this newly-reformulated Chanel Le Vernis. And also because this new Le Vernis is much more long wearing than the previous one.

Take note that all the three reds in this review are so difficult to photograph because their colors are so close to each other. They ranged from bright red to a blue-toned dark red. In fact, you almost couldn’t tell the difference. 

chanel le venis longwear nail colour rouge essentiel

Rouge Essentiel – A true bright red color that has a very creamy consistency. One coat will do the job, but two coats will give extra richness to the shade. This is definitely an essential red for all seasons and for all skin colors.



chanel le venis longwear nail colour rouge puissant


Rouge PuissantMid-Red with a slight blue undertone. This color is so close (slightly lighter) to the Pirate shade that you almost can’t distinguish the subtle difference between the two. The only big difference is that this shade has a creamier consistency than Pirate. Actually, if you already have the Pirate shade, then you probably don’t need this. But if you find the Pirate shade to be a bit too dark, then you’ll probably be happy with this.



chanel le vernis longwear nail colour rouge noir


Rouge NoirBloody Mary Vampire-Red. It’s like Vamp but without the glitter. One of my favorite Chanel Le Vernis shades of all time. Yes, I prefer this over Vamp. This has a very rich deep dark red that is almost brown or black, but it actually looks like wine once applied. Though the first coat of this newly-reformulated shade seems a bit streaky, the second coat will make it perfect.



chanel le vernis longwear nail colour pirate


PirateBlue -toned deep red. Another classic deep red shade that I like the most from Chanel. This red is the ideal dark red that is not super vampy and not super bright either. It complements any skin tone and though it has always been streaky in both formulations, this shade is buildable and long lasting.


chanel le vernis swatches


Have you tried them already? If not, you should, at least one.

Now, Dear Chanel, more colors please!



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