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Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette

Tarte Tartelette Toasted Eyeshadow Palette Review + Swatches

Oh Hey! I’m back, alive and kicking! Belated Merry Christmas to you all and Happy Holidays! My apologies for being gone too long. I had a fun, intense, and short vacay in Asia (more details on that later). 

tarte tartelette toasted palette

I’m so excited about this palette that we’re going to be talking about today. It stems from the latest trend of Fall/Winter warm hues of eyeshadow palettes. Think Naked Heat, Natasha Denona, and some other similar tones. This Tarte Toasted Eyeshadow Palette ($46) is one of the latest holiday-released palettes to hit the market and mind you, it’s also really good.


tartelette toasted palette


I’ve been waiting for this shade to come out and since I’ve always loved the Tartelette in Bloom Palette (swatched HERE), I knew this Toasted one won’t disappoint. There are 12 shades in this smoldering Palette and it comprises of 7 mattes and 5 shimmery shades. In my opinion, all of the shades in this palette are well-thought-out and each of them is really pretty. You can mix and match the shades or apply accordingly by row or by column.



tarte tartelette toasted eyeshadow palette

tarte toasted palette swatch


As expected, this palette has a similar texture to its predecessor the Tartelette in Bloom, which is velvety smooth. There’s no denying the lasting power of all the shades’ pigments which could last for hours and hours. So far, with my constant usage of this palette, I haven’t really experienced extreme fallouts. In fact, there’s almost none. I also like that most shades are wearable and can be worn for daily use without looking like you have too much copper dust on the lid.


tarte tartelette toasted swatch


It’s hard to tell which one is better if you compare this Toasted Palette to Urban Decay’s famous Naked Heat. I like both their texture and I like both their shades as well. I do think that having either of them won’t hurt, but you could also have both. The only difference is that the Naked Heat is more expensive and it also has more shades. But in reality, they’re both very good palettes for Fall/Winter look and their overall quality is really impressive. On the other hand, if you’re on a budget, you may want to try the travel-friendly Tarte Tartelette Flirt Eyeshadow Palette (HERE), which has six shades that are quite similar to the Toasted Palette.


tarte tartelette toasted palette review swatches


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The Tarte Tartelette Toasted Eyeshadow Palette is available at Sephora, Dermstore, JCPenney, Macy’s, and Ulta


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Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Review + Swatches

UD Naked Heat Palette


Happy Friday Guys! We have a smoldering review today that’s gonna get your temperatures rising. Everyone’s talking about this and it seems like it doesn’t disappoint. If you’re a fan of eyeshadows, be it in neutrals, earthy, or shimmers, and if you love Urban decay, oh well, I know you’re gonna love this newly-released Naked Heat Palette ($54). It’s the fifth installment to the ever popular “Naked” line of eyeshadows by Urban Decay.


Urban Decay Naked Heat

It all started with the first Naked eyeshadow that got us all head over heels in love (reviewed HERE). It was then followed by the insanely famous Naked 2, then the rosé all day Naked 3, and for the smoky-eye fanatics, a Naked Smoky was released. I love them all and I try not to use up all of them because they all look so pretty and practical to have, specially during special occasions or when you’re traveling. It’s like you’ve got all the shades you’ll ever need in one palette with a free dual-ended multipurpose brush and a wide-angle mirror. I also love that each Naked palette comes in different packaging styles.



Naked Heat Palette Urban Decay

The Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette follows the impressive formulation and saturated pigment of its predecessors. Such bold colors in one beautiful palette. It has 12 shades which consist of browns, ambers, terra -cottas, brown reds, coppers, and burgundies. Texture-wise, there are shimmery ones and matte ones. Also, there are a few light to neutral shades as well. I like all the matte colors like; Low Blow, Cayenne, He Devil & En Fuego. The shimmery shades are beautiful too, like the Lumbre, Dirty Talk & Scorched. As a matter of fact, all the shades in this palette are really hot and sultry.


Urban Decay Naked Heat


Another thing I wanna point out is that the colors don’t have a lot of fallouts and they’re pretty much well-curated. The colors are unique, wearable and easy to blend. Each shade complements each other and is very versatile. You can either do a natural daytime look or go smoky, whichever you want. In addition to that, the palette looks really good on any skin tone as it adds warmth to a light complexion, or it complements anyone who’s skin tone is medium to dark.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Review

Overall, I think the Naked Heat Palette by UD is well-made and well-thought-out. There’s nothing quite like it. The packaging is sturdy, the brush is soft and practical to have, the wide mirror is just perfect, and the shades are gorgeous and timely for this season. The application is smooth and buttery and each shade blends like a charm. I think Urban Decay did it again with this good value palette.

Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette Review Swatches


With all the Naked Palettes out there, the million dollar question now is, which Naked are you?

Naked Palettes


Urban Decay Naked Naked 2 Naked 3 Naked Smoky Naked Heat


The Urban Decay Naked Heat Palette is available at Nordstrom, Macys & Sephora


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