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There’s just something about a woman with a Chanel nail polish. Whether it’s her beautiful, perfectly-shaped nails, her rich nail polish color, or just how perfect her hands looked on those nail polish. For years, Chanel nail polish triumph over other nail polishes for its richly-pigmented tone and fashion-forward hues.


chanel nail polish review


A leader on nail polish colors, always imitated but never been truly copied, here are the old-time classic cult favorites and bold new colors.


chanel nail polish pirate


Deep, dark red, very old-style Chanel classic, a must for every woman who loves red, red and red. Not a fan of the formulation, too liquidy, I prefer the creamy, gel-like consistency of a nail polish. This one needs to be applied 2 or 3 times to get the real color. Other than that, it’s almost perfect.


chanel nail polish rouge noir

Rouge Noir:

Oh, My Bloody Valentine! as in “Hello, The Originals”. Think Vampire red, as in blood draining from your veins, that’s how dark red it is. Perfect for dark skintone girls to make that dramatic contrast. A bit too dark for me, but very sexy and very wearable especially during the day.


chanel nail polish dragon


Only two words. Think “Chinese Dragon”.


chanel nail polish cinema


Very cinematic indeed, the kind that most old Hollywood would wear. Grace Kelly and Marilyn Monroe-alike, this is a creamy bright red that reminded me of OPI’s Chick Flick Cherry. Love it!


chanel nail polish lotus rouge

Lotus Rouge:

Love. It. My most favorite so far, the perfect red to top all reds. Kinda dark blood-red, but not too bloody and not too dark. Very alluring and looks good on all skintone. Makes your hand very attractive and very glam.


chanel nail polish accessoire


Between brown and red, but more on the red side. Can look bloody but can also look chocolatey. It’s very pretty and it will look good especially when transitioning climates. There’s something simple yet elegant about this color.


chanel nail polish taboo


Constellation galore! as in Hello Carl Sagan! This is a very interesting color. It’s like eggplant/violet/galaxy with a lot of glitter or shimmer of different colors. Reminded me of OPI’s “Suzi And The 7 Dusseldorf” but much darker, more complex and very intriguing.


chanel nail polish vamp


Oma Thurman’s nail polish in Pulp Fiction. The controversial vampy red, brown, bloody color that commonly suggests “Bad Girl Look”. Yet still, this isn’t a nail polish worth only for the spunky-attitude gals, but sophisticated and fashionable ladies loved this for that courageous mood it brings. This color is very similar to Essie’s “Wicked“.




chanel nail polish swatches


chanel nail polish swatches and review


chanel nail polish colors swatches and reviews


Update: As of February 2016, these nail polishes are now being discontinued by Chanel. My review of the latest and newest Chanel Le Vernis nail polish that replaced these is here