Happy Fourth of July Everybody! I hope you’re having a great time wherever you are. I have a quick review to share before I’ll be heading out to see some fireworks. So let’s get this thing going, shall we?


Have you heard of silk or satin pillowcases? I’ve heard about them for some time now yet it’s still quite news to me. I’ve heard and tried some satin or silk sheets before but I’ve never really thought of using a satin pillowcase. I’ve had my reservations especially when I saw some ads and reviews saying that it has a lot of benefits, and I thought it seemed like a fad. But then again, for my curiosity’s sake, I knew I had to try it. But then, I didn’t quite know for sure which brand I should try though, so when I happen to wander in Bed Bath & Beyond, I saw this Morning Glamour Satin Pillowcases ($8.99-$24.99) with their cute packaging and I was immediately sold. I picked the gray, pink, and white color. These satin pillowcases come in either single or two packs, and there are two sizes: the standard size and the king size. The prices vary a lot by sizes, by type of pack, and by store. The standard size is about 20″x26″, and the king size is 20″x36″. They also come in several different colors, either plain, floral or polka dots.


morning glamour satin pillowcase


When I first tried one of the pillowcases, I noticed that it’s actually pretty cooling to the touch and also to my face. The satin feels smooth, soft, and very luxurious. Just putting my face on it made me feel relaxed and it actually made me feel sleepy. In fact, I had a really good peaceful sleep the night when I first tried it, and it even made me feel like I wanna sleep some more. In other words and I must warn ya, this pillowcase is very sleep-conducive. In addition to that, there are several things I noticed ever since using this pillowcase. For once, it really made my hair smooth and silky. When other people mentioned that satin pillowcases gave such improvement to their hair, I thought they were just bluffing. But nope, my hair is even smoother ever since using this satin pillowcase. That’s because my hair doesn’t tangle and it slides off the pillowcase easily whenever I toss and turn in my sleep, which I normally do. Also, the satin texture doesn’t cause friction against my hair unlike my usual cotton pillowcases, so there’s no static, no knotting, no dry tangled strands, and my hair looks moisturized and soft, that’s because most cotton pillowcases tend to absorb the hair’s moisture overtime as you sleep, whereas the satin ones keep and lock moisture in.

satin pillowcase


Cleaning the Morning Glamour Satin Pillowcase is very easy. Just machine wash it in cold water and put it in low to medium heat. It dries pretty fast and it can withstand several washes. Mine has been washed I don’t know how many times and it’s still looking great. You can also iron it using the lowest setting if you wanna straighten some slight wrinkles on the sheets.


satin pillowcase review


Overall, these satin pillowcases are great alternatives to the expensive silk ones and they’re cat-approved. Just look at my cat’s photo below. He loves to chill on the pink satin pillowcase. I guess he also wants his fur to be shiny and silky too, LOL.


cat with silk pillowcase


I’ve been slowly replacing some of my cotton pillowcases with these satin ones simply because I just feel relaxed and rejuvenated whenever I use them. They also seem to minimize allergies, and I’m talking about my cats’ hairs sticking all over the sofa and all over the house. For some reason, these satin pillowcases don’t seem to attract pet furs that much, and if it does, it just slides off easily. The problem now is that my kitties love to chill with these pillowcases. Hmmmp!


satin pillowcase


Curtain is old, and is from Bed Bath & Beyond, similar style HERE. Lamp is old as well from Target, but there’s a very similar style HERE. Sofa is also old, similar style HERE


The Morning Glamour Satin Pillowcase is currently available at Amazon, WalmartBed Bath & Beyond, Target, and Zulily