Hey There! I recently discovered some really great lip products while I was having fun Pinteresting, and guess what? it’s a drugstore lip pencil! Every time I see a really good quality drugstore lip product, I get so excited and mind you, the ones that I’m about to review today are really so good that you’d think they out to be high-end or that they should belong to the high-end category.


revlon balm stain


Take a really good look at the Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm ($8.49) and the Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain ($9.49). On the outside, they look like an average lip crayon but on the inside, they pack on intense pigments while having the texture of a lip balm. Also, they come in several different shades at a really affordable price. Since they’re much like a chubby lip crayon, they’re pretty easy to use and they’re quite precise to apply. You don’t need to sharpen them because the packaging is a twist-release type at the bottom. Additionally, they are so moisturizing to use and so lightweight on the lips, even the matte ones don’t dry my lips after hours of wear. I also love the fact that they have this really nice mint flavor or taste, and it kinda makes my lips feel plumpy.

revlon matte balm review

Matte Balm – These are probably one of the best if not the best matte lip crayons I’ve ever tried. Such gorgeous selection of colors with a true matte texture, yet it doesn’t compromise on comfort and weight. The effect looks really matte on the lips but it’s non-drying even after several hours of wear and it doesn’t feel like you’re wearing it all, it just feels like you’re wearing a lip balm, or that you’re wearing a really comfortable creamy lipstick with the effect of being matte. I love it! They still do transfer but not extremely so, and most of the color stays anyway. The darker shades are a lot more long lasting and more staining.


Enchanting (255) – light nude beige

Sultry (225) – mauve rose

Fierce (265) – terracotta brown


revlon matte balm


Balm Stain – I didn’t quite know what to expect from this at the beginning, I just thought that it might be just another lip stain packaged in a lip crayon type. While it’s true that it’s really a lip stain with a lip crayon look, the thing is it doesn’t feel like any other average lip stain. Though the coverage might be slightly sheer, actually, this particular lip stain is impressive. It feels like a really lightweight super moisturizing lip balm upon application and it leaves a really long lasting stain on the lips. By long lasting, I’m talking about a whole day of stain, and it can be so hard to remove especially the dark shades. What I really like about this lip stain/lip balm hybrid is not just its staining power, but also its beautiful effect on my lips. It looks like I’ve got bubblegum lips, especially whenever I use the pinkish-toned colors. It just gives me that nice youthful color that I love these days.


Smitten (030) – bright fuchsia pink

Crush (005) – plum berry

revlon matte balm and balm stain lip swatches

revlon matte balm swatches


Overall, I’m so glad I found these gorgeous Revlon staining lip crayons. They’re so economical to use with its affordable price and the fact that it doesn’t seem to run out fast. I love its lightweight super staining gel texture and there’s no mess during application, in fact, these crayons are quite precise and easy to use, plus the formula doesn’t feather and the colors are rich and vivid. Now, these are really awesome lipsticks!


revlon balm stain lip pencil review


The Revlon Colorburst Matte Balm and Balm Stain are currently available at Ulta, Target, and Walgreens