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Chanel Stylo Fresh Effect Eyeshadow

Tom Ford Cream+Powder Eye Color & Cream Color For Eyes Review+Swatches

Hey Everybody! Happy Sunday to you all! For most of my life, I’ve been using powder eyeshadows. I have a few cream ones but for some reason, I always seem to grab my powder eye palettes quite often. I just don’t know why, but I kinda feel like it’s easier for me to use them because I’m used to grabbing a shadow brush and work the colors around my lids. I have cream eyeshadows sure, but I mostly use them during traveling or whenever I’m time constrained. My favorites are the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick (reviewed HERE), Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Stick Eyeshadow (HERE), and Chanel Stylo Fresh Effect Eyeshadow (also HERE). I haven’t really tried those creamy eyeshadows in a pot. But anyways, if you follow my IG, you’d know that I recently took a trip to Asia, somewhere humid and warm. Before leaving, I picked up a few Tom Ford Cream Color For Eyes (0.17 oz: $46) and Cream & Powder Eyeshadows ($62). Why these? First, I wanted to test how well these eyeshadows perform under extreme heat and humidity. Second, I’ve had a few mishaps with a couple of powder eyeshadows before that tend to give me lid irritation whenever exposed to high heat and humidity.


tom ford cream and powder eye color


So, for a change, a cream eyeshadow would seem really promising, and if it’s Tom Ford, hmmm, oh well, I really expect more. The TF Cream Color For Eyes are lightweight creamy eyeshadows that are extremely pigmented yet are very easy to blend. Knowing that they are creams, they can be layered very easily. The shades in this line are very beautiful metallics that add drama to your eye makeup game. You may or may not need to use a brush for these eyeshadows. I pretty much use the tip of my pinky finger for application and wipe off any mistakes or smudges with any makeup remover towelettes. A tiny bit truly goes a long way with these, so try not to use so much. What I love about these super creamy eye colors are the fact that they’re not only easy and fast to apply, which saves you a lot of time, they can also create a glamorous dramatic eyeshadow effect. I love love love the way my eye makeup looks. The shimmers are naturally fine but they make my lids look naturally gilded and beautiful. It’s like Andy Grammer’s song “Fresh Eyes”. Oh my, I could do a daytime or nighttime eye makeup look with this and still looks very natural and glam.

tom ford cream color eyeshadow

Lasting power for these Tom Ford Cream Colors is pretty much 10-12 hours or the whole day. They didn’t crease nor smudge on me, zero fallouts (of course) and they didn’t even settle in my lid’s fine lines. Which is a huge surprise for me because they’re cream eyeshadows, yet they didn’t really move around even when I was sweating like crazy due to intense heat and humidity. What I got are bazillion gallons of compliments from people admiring my eye makeup. Another great thing about these is that you can also use just one eye color instead of two or three and still your lids will look bright, pretty, and naturally shimmery.

tom ford cream color for eyes

Opale – the lightest pearly beige shimmer.

Platinum – a metallic earthy grey-brown.

Sphinx – slightly-peachy gold, such complicated beautiful shade.

Spice – bronze brown

tom ford cream color for eyes opale,sphinx,platinum,spice


The Tom Ford Cream and Powder Eye Color are two-tiered pot palettes that are slightly larger than the TF Cream Colors. The powder on top and cream in the bottom will give you the best of both worlds for your eye makeup look. The cream ones are the base colors which are more pigmented than the powder ones. They’re also slightly thicker in consistency compared to the Tom Ford Cream Colors reviewed above. They’re also extremely pigmented, long lasting, heat and humidity resistant, plus easy to blend. The powder eyeshadows on top of the creams are very lightweight, no fallouts and the shimmers are very fine, yet still very shimmery and dramatic enough. These eye colors can be layered easily, you can even mix and match these with the Tom Ford Cream Colors without a problem. Very easy to use and they save you a lot of time. Packaging wise is very practical and smart. You can just untwist the creams from the powders which have a small round mirror attached. Also, all shades of this line are very metallic.


tom ford cream and powder eyeshadow review


Golden Peach – peachy shimmery powder/metallic salmon

Naked Bronze – golden shimmer/metallic bronze

tom ford cream and powder eye color

tom ford cream and powder eye color golden peach, naked bronze


Don’t be fooled by the size of these Tom Ford Cream and Powder eye color pots. They may look small, but a little bit goes a long way, so most likely you won’t be repurchasing these often unless you use it a lot. The only two problems I have with these, are the fact that they’re pricey, and the TF Cream Colors tend to move around the pot because of their creamy texture, especially when you’re traveling to a warm environment. Other than that, I highly recommend these for fast and easy eye makeup application that creates gorgeous and dramatic looks that will last the whole day no matter where you go. I hope TF will release more shades of these soon.


Have you tried these already? which shades do you like?

The Tom Ford Cream Color For Eyes are available at Sephora, Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Bloomingdales, Harrods

The Tom Ford Cream and Powder Eye Color are also available at Sephora, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman, Harrods, Net-A-Porter, Bloomingdales


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Burberry Effortless Eyebrow Definer & Eye Colour Contour Review

Hiya, I don’t own a lot of Burberry beauty products but my experience with the few that I own have been really great. The thing I seem to love about Burberry beauty products are their robust packaging wearable formulations that embody that whole effortless and casual chic vibe. So Brit-ish. They also seem to put some innovation in their products and add attention to details.


Anyway, here’s two Burberry products that I love and I’m definitely looking forward to adding some more of these soon.

Burberry Effortless Eyebrow Definer & Eye Colour Contour Review



Burberry Effortless Eyebrow Definer Sepia Swatch Review

Burberry Effortless Eyebrow Definer 02 Sepia

Burberry Effortless Eyebrow Definer in 02 Sepia ($33): I’ve been using this right from the beginning that it was released. The first of its kind, way before Anastasia’s Brow Definer came out or Benefit’s Goof Proof Brow Pencil was introduced. The texture is waxy on this brow product and I like that it’s not super pigmented upon first stroke so that there’s room for blending and for easy correction if ever you made a mistake. Also, this has a very natural effect on the brows and the Sepia shade is very versatile. It’s like a light grayish brown that could work on any light to medium skin tone. I love the thick and robust metallic double-ended packaging as well as the durable and useful spooley. It’s also long lasting and it fills the brows really well. The only caveat is the price, but there’s enough product in the tube to last a long time.


Burberry Eye Colour Contour Almond

Burberry Eye Colour Contour 104 Almond ($29.50): It’s hard to find a matte cream eye shadow in a sea of pen-style eye colors. Fortunately, I found this gorgeous midtone shade of matte brown from Burberry and I really love it. It goes on smoothly like a butter and it’s waterproof plus it won’t budge. I love the versatility of this shade and it’s ideal for layering with other colors, specially for a daytime look. I love how it contours my lids and creates a naturally soft smoky eye makeup. This is definitely a great eye color pen to have and in the same caliber as the Laura Mercier Caviar Stick or the Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Stick Eyeshadow.

Burberry Effortless Eyebrow Definer Sepia & Eye Colour Contour Almond Review


These two products from Burberry are really worth trying given that they help enhance your eye makeup game like a breeze. I do have my eye on the Effortless Eyebrow Definer in 04 Malt Brown and the Eye Colour Contour in 108 Midnight Brown and 112 Rosewood.


The Burberry Effortless Eyebrow Definer is available in: Sephora, Net-A-Porter, Saks &

The Burberry Eye Colour Contour are also available in: Sephora,, Saks, Net-A-Porter & Nordstrom.


Whatcha think of these?


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Chanel Stylo Fresh Effect Eyeshadow Review

chanel stylo fresh effect eyeshadow reviews


Hello November! New month, new eyeshadows! and it’s from Chanel. Today we’re gonna be talking about the Chanel Stylo Fresh Effect Eyeshadow. I got three of them that I’ve been using lately, namely; Brun Chatain (brown), Beige Dore (Gold), and Laurier Rose (Peachy Rose).

They’re very similar to Laura Mercier’s Caviar Stick and Marc Jacobs’ Twinkle Pop Stick Eyeshadow in the sense that they’re both cream eyeshadows in a stick/pen-style applicator. But they differ a lot by their respective formulations. I have reviewed the Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks HERE and the Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pops HERE. Now, it’s time to scrutinize Chanel’s Stylo Fresh Effect Eyeshadow. 


chanel stylo fresh effect eyeshadow brun chatain beige dore laurier rose


The colors that I picked up are extremely wearable, be it by any skin tone. They have a cooling effect on the lid once applied, just like Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop, which is really awesome because they indeed give a fresh effect on the lid. Somehow, these eyeshadows are slightly easier to blend than Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop, but they’re not as super blendable as Laura Mercier’s Caviar Stick. It’s gonna take a few more strokes of a blending brush to get these babies to blend, but once they’re blended, they’ll create a very natural and complementing tone on the eyes. They’re creamy, yes, but they don’t budge nor smudge. They stay put for a long time and they don’t have any scent. The Stylo way of applying these eyeshadows allow for a more precise application, although, if you have small eyes, Asian eyes, etc… you might still need to master how to apply these precisely. Using a brush won’t hurt. 🙂


chanel stylo fresh effect eyeshadow swatches


  • Brun ChatainSlightly shimmery brown. A great wearable brown for everyday eye makeup. I like this for eyelid contouring, and it’s also soft enough for a daytime wear. A basic and a must-have.
  • Beige DoreNude-Beige Gold Shimmer. Great for highlighting around the inner eye, but due to my medium-tone skin, this has the tendency to blend in with my skin. I usually just add more of it to emphasize its shade more. Still, so good for day to day looks.
  • Laurier RoseShimmery Peachy Antique Rose. Interesting shade and very beautiful in person. I thought this was gonna make me look like a crime scene victim 🙂 but nope. It looks gorge on medium skin, and it’s not that reddish. It just gives enough warmth to my skin and it looks unique. 


chanel stylo eyeshadow brun chatain beige dore laurier rose


These are really great eyeshadows, they save time, they’re easy to use and they’re more precise to apply than the usual powder ones. I love the array of shades that Chanel provided for this line, even though most of them are limited editions. But if you’d ask me whether I’d prefer these over Marc Jacobs Twinkle Pop Eyeshadow or Laura Mercier Caviar Stick, I think Nope. I like these a lot, but if I have to choose only one, I would pick Laura Mercier Caviar Sticks, because they seem to be slightly more pigmented and more blendable than the others.


So, which ones do you prefer among the three? Have you tried these?


‘Till next time…


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