• Tatcha Pore-Perfecting Moisturizer & Cleanser Duo

    Tatcha Pore-Perfecting Moisturizer & Cleanser Duo Review

        Hi Everyone! I have a little Tatcha goodie to review today. As you may have all heard, they recently released their new facial cleanser, called The Deep Cleanse. When I first tried it in store, I wasn’t really smitten by it, yes it smelled really good like The Water Cream, but I didn’t […] Read more…

  • sephora play box january 2018 box contents

    Sephora Play! January 2018

      Happy You Year! Nothing starts the new year makeup resolution like hydration, hydration, and hydration. Sephora’s January 2018 Play box is all about skin prepping and the practice of moisturization. So definitely my box has a couple of skincare stuff, primer stuff, and even haircare stuff which I haven’t tried before, and I had […] Read more…


  • best scented candle review

    Best Scented Candles 2018 Edit

      How’s it going, everybody! I’ve got an exciting review for all you candle lovers! I’ve been into some candle hoarding and testing lately and I thought I’d like to share which of these scented waxes made it to the top of my list this year. There’s a lot of awesome-smelling candles out there, but […] Read more…

  • mango pudding recipe

    Quick and Easy Mango Pudding

    Hello Tuesday! It’s sweltering out there and we all need something to cool down. I have something sweet and chilly to share, my quick and simple Mango Pudding. It’ll only take a few minutes to make and it doesn’t involve a ton of ingredients.     Mango is my most favorite fruit in the whole […] Read more…


  • as seen on tv cats meow toy review

    Cat’s Meow Toy Review

    If you have a dependent cat that meows all the time and bothers you about anything then you’ll need some really good interactive toys. These cats need to be entertained or be distracted so you can do your chores and so that they won’t get on your nerves. It can be hard and quite tricky […] Read more…

  • trixie mad scientist for cats review

    Trixie Mad Scientist For Cats

      Meow There Cat Lovers! I got this cat toy that’s been in my “saved for later” list in Amazon for quite a while now, but it’s just recently that I pulled the trigger to finally purchase it for my cats. It’s a cute puzzle toy for cats to solve and have fun. It’s called […] Read more…


  • chicago river

    2 Days in Chicago

      Hi everyone, last year, I took a very short trip to Chicago for a little R&R plus some important business/errand thing to do. I love Chicago even if I haven’t really explored the city that well, but I like the whole vibe of just being there. The city’s energy and the fast pace of […] Read more…

  • volant mills pa

    Volant, PA

    Hello Guys! My apologies for not being constant with my postings lately. I’m currently truly, madly, deeply, busy but I hope things will start to simmer down in a few days soon. Thank you very much for your understanding and please check out my Instagram regularly as I’ll be posting more stuff there in the […] Read more…


  • Wild Blue Yonder Rose

    Wild Blue Yonder Rose

    Heya Rosarians! It’s been a while since I featured a rose from my very own yard and this summer has really made my garden look very vibrant and full of life. Part of that because I have this reliable bloomer in my yard, the Wild Blue Yonder Rose.     This AARS winner has been […] Read more…

  • sarah bernhardt pink peony

    Sarah Bernhardt Peony

      Hey guys! thought I may wanna share with you this beautiful pink peony that’s delighted my garden for some years now. It’s called “the Sarah Bernhardt Peony.” Named after the French stage and early film actress, this award-winning, double blooming, largely clustered and extremely fragrant peony is one of the most famous and commercially-used […] Read more…


  • murder on the orient express

    Agatha Christie’s Murder On The Orient Express Book & Movie Review

      Raise your hand if you’ve been to the movie theater to watch Agatha Christie’s film adaptation of Murder On The Orient Express. Also, raise your other hand if you’ve actually read her bestselling novel. I know I did and I really quite enjoyed the experience. I must admit that I had never read any […] Read more…

  • Ruth Ware The Woman in Cabin 10

    Ruth Ware’s The Woman in Cabin 10 Book Review

      Hey Again Bookworms! I have an exciting book to talk about today. The Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware is an exciting edge-of-your-seat kind of book. From its first sentence down to its last paragraph, this book will keep you interested. This is one of those “can’t put down” read that is so […] Read more…